Spanish Phrases: Extreme sports and combat sports in Spanish

Below are the names of various so-called "extreme" and "combat" sports in Spanish, including martial arts.

Combat sports and martial arts

box, boxeo-boxing
los artes marciales-martial arts
judo, yudo-judo
kick boxing-kick boxing
lucha (libre)-(free) wrestling
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Extreme sports (deportes extremos)

alpinismo-mountain climbing
automovilismo-motor racing
carreras de Fórmula uno-Formula One racing
escalada en rocas-rock climbing
espeleología-caving, spelunking
góming-bungee jumping
paracaidismo-parachuting, skydiving
puénting, puentismo-bungee-jumping (off a bridge)
vuelo con ala delta-hang-gliding
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Other types of sport

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